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Why 13 RW is an important show.

As many of you who read my blog already know I use fiction to help teens discuss topics that are too tough to talk about “in real life.” Teen Suicide is one of the most important topics for young people to share on. Today, I’d like to respond directly the recent criticism about the show […]

Trump l’oeil–What Happens When Dystopia Arrives Too Soon.

In my headline, I’ve borrowed the French idiom, trompe l’oeil–“something that misleads or tricks the senses”–to make a point about what we’re experiencing in America today. We love this notion of being “tricked” in painting and fiction, and maybe art’s greatest contribution is to fool our senses long enough to get us to believe something […]

Why We’re Afraid of Fearless Girl

  On Wall Street there’s a bronze statue of a girl who looks about the same age as the sixth graders in the middle school that I teach. She looks pretty fearless as she’s standing up to a raging bronze bull; and she’d better be, it doesn’t take much to see that bull represents men, […]

And The Winner Is…

It’s awards season in Hollywood, and who doesn’t like watching their favorite star preen and gush over a golden trophy. But there’s someone missing from the lovefests at the Golden Globes and the Grammys. A forgotten woman. She didn’t get nominated for anything, but men and women are paying a lot of lip service to […]