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Hi, my name is Stephen David Hurley, and I’m the author of Cease & Desist, a YA thriller. Welcome to my new website. I do hope you’ll make yourselves at home here. At the moment, I’m teaching and coaching at independent schools in San Francisco and writing A Long Line of Strong Girls, my new YA novel. It should be complete by the end of 2019. Stop by my blog for updates on my life in the classroom, my opinions on all things young adult, and what’s really going on in the world.



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Hurley teaches and coaches at independent schools in San Francisco and blogs about fiction, faith, and young people. His recent articles about teen suicide, date rape, and how fiction can help parents and their kids share on these issues have been “staff-picked” by the editors at Niume, Trmer, and Abernathy.

Cease & Desist–A Reality Drama
One speech. Twenty Million Viewers. Who will you choose?
What happens when a reality show becomes all too real, and contestants are allowed to harm each other and have sex for all the world to see? Welcome to the brave new world of “reality-drama,” the next generation of live, interactive entertainment. Cease de Menich, a sixteen year old actress from New York City is overjoyed to be cast in the show, only to find the producers will be using the dark secrets of her personal life to share with the world. But she’s inherited a gift that helps her survive attempted rapes, and beatings; to share a secret with the world about what it takes to be a young person today. Cease & Desist is a dark, contemporary, psychological YA thriller with a supernatural twist.
Just think The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.
Stephen David Hurley has crafted a suspenseful thriller that also contains a vital message about fame, the sexualization of teens, violence as entertainment, and mental illness.



The question people ask most about C & D

How can you call Cease & Desist a Christian book? It’s filled with sex and violence.

First, I never set out to write a “Christian” work. I wanted to write a novel that would address the concerns about sexuality and violence that young people have in a real-life setting that many Christian fiction writers miss. I teach, and many of my students feel a disconnect with Christian literature because it renders a morally strident world that they feel is unattainable. I love Christians and I love my church. I believe Christian fiction is poised to make the cross-over into the secular world–a crossover that many traditional publishers have long awaited–provided we address young people in the real world; a world that’s filled with fears of date-rape and bullying; violence as entertainment; mental illness, and the sexualization of teens.



They said this about the book.

“I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. “Cease” really transforms in a way few characters I’ve ever read do. All I can tell you is if you’ve ever lost a family member to mental illness, you will be moved when you read the final chapters of Cease & Desist.”

Amazon Customer

“As expected stephen david hurley has given us the best book!!!! The blending of action and background information was very nice. The depth of intrigue and story line really keeps you turning pages. I liked the character development better overall than the initial book where he introduced the whole concept. Somehow it seemed more believable. I highly recommend it.”

S. Smith

“CEASE & DESIST is an exceptional written novel. The paranormal themes blend perfectly to the dark themed setting this book projects. I found this is the type of book that would hold its own in the adult literary world. Stephen David Hurley is a writer that has proven that he is a master of his craft. In this book he offers a complex and dramatic introduction to a strong young female. I applaud him for his creation of such a memorable heroine. I predict this book will make a strong impact to the literary world.”

S. Housley




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