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On God

God gave us flaws for a reason. Perfection is only for saints and angels.–Cease de Menich

I wish I could get you all to see that the heartache you thought was God’s way of hurting you is there for a reason.–Jeanne d’Arc

I know you’re scared. I was, too. Believe me, becoming a saint can be really scary—it’s a bit like getting a call from God the way you got a call from your agent and were told he’s got this part you need to play. I didn’t have a phone. It was just a bright light and a serious voice. I’d wake up on the battlefield some mornings and just want to run home to my parents. There were times I thought I was going crazy, because when God pulls back the veil on your personal life for the whole world to see, it’s pretty scary…but you can’t go back once you’re chosen for the role of a lifetime. You’ve got to go for it.
–Jeanne d’Arc

On Miracles: 

Miracles are real, but they aren’t as magical or as unattainable as most people think…

trust in God, completely, totally. That’s where miracles really come from, or at least that’s where they begin, from a remote place in your heart many people never reach.

On Violence

The mob that watched me burn at the stake is alive and well and watching you suffer on YouTube. They’re waiting for you to take off your clothes, go all the way.–Jeanne d’Arc