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Why 13 RW is an important show.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why (produced by Selena Gomez) and how it sends the wrong message to young people about suicide and mental illness. While I agree with some of the issues raised by mental health “experts,” cancelling this show would be a huge mistake, as it […]

“You Have No Other Choice But To Continue…”

…That was the order given to the test subjects who administered a nearly lethal electrical shock to unwitting “learners” in the Milgram obedience experiment, administered over fifty years ago, at Yale University. Over sixty-five percent of the test subjects followed the order to deliver the shock. John Milgram’s conclusion: Ordinary people are likely to follow […]

Our Bold New Virtual World.

When we read something outlandish in a novel, we think that could never happen in real life, and we break that willing suspension of disbelief that makes reading fiction so enjoyable. When we witness a horrible event in real life, we doubt our senses, and a part of our brain tries to convince us that what we’re seeing isn’t […]

Why We’re Afraid of Fearless Girl

  On Wall Street there’s a bronze statue of a girl who looks about the same age as the sixth graders in the middle school that I teach. She looks pretty fearless as she’s standing up to a raging bronze bull; and she’d better be, it doesn’t take much to see that bull represents men, […]